Tuesday, January 15, 2019

BookBub ads!

Authors, be aware, a listing on BookBub is a gamble. Yes, they have a great reputation. But they charge outrageous for that reputation. However, paying for an ad on the high-and-mighty BB, despite what most authors believe, does not guarantee success.

I recently paid $900 for the privilege of a listing with their 'New Release' ads. I was shown a chart by BB of the average number of downloads (sales) for their ads. According to their chart, the average number of downloads for my genre would be over 30, 000! That number made me salivate! What an honor to be selected!

What I was not told was that the chart did not include the New Release ads. Just a minor slip. Oops.

It was tough to scrap together that $900. But hey, BOOKBUB! Authors are raving about them, right?
Everyone I chatted with on my FB writer's groups said to go for it. They said it would be well worth it.

For ads on other blogs I usually pay about $50. If I am not giving away a book on the ad, I usually almost break even.

So my BB ad cost EIGHTEEN TIMES what I normally pay for an ad. But I remembered the chart and the average of 30, 000 sales!

The reality was my book was downloaded just over 100 times. That means I made just over $140 back for a $900 ad. My book did a royal belly flop on the biggest stage. It was a bitter lesson.

Somehow BB's highly touted vetting system had failed. Either my title or cover, or both, killed my sales.

The lesson I learned was to test my book through the smaller blogs. And that is lesson that all authors should heed.

It is time to pull my book out of publication on kdp, and repackage it with a new title and cover. 

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