Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Buried Treasure

The island touching the letter S in Sea, is Bornholm.
Gold coins were discovered on the Danish island of Bornholm in the 1960s. The coins trace back to the French royal families who founded the Knights Templar.

That discovery of gold has ever since created rumor and speculation about treasure.

Before the king of France slaughtered most of the Templar order, the Templar fleet and most of their riches, vanished.

Some say they escaped to Scotland; others point to the mysterious Oak Island, and say that is where the treasure ended up. In the film National Treasure, they make the case that the riches ended up in the USA. It is a great story.

The only facts that can be proven, are these:

1.) The founding members of the Templar tunneled for nine year beneath the Temple of Solomon, and found something that the pope paid a fabulous amount for.

2.) The Templar returned from Jerusalem with tremendous knowledge, and built Chartres Cathedral and many other fantastic buildings.

3.) They helped the Danish king capture rich trading routes along the rivers of Russia. *I believe the Danish flag, the oldest flag in the world, which dates to this period, is a Templar tunic turned sideways.

4.) The Templar built five churches in S. France, and five on the Danish island of Bornholm, that when connected with lines on a map, form a five-sided star. Why? You tell me.

5.) The king of France slaughtered the Templar on Friday the 13th, thereby creating the belief that the day is bad luck.

AFTER A RECENT VACATION ON BORNHOLM, I began work on a series of detective novels involving the Templar story and treasure. What would happen, I ask, if the artifact that the Templar dug up beneath Solomon's temple and sold to the pope, got out to the world? What if it turned up in LA, found by an unsuspecting widow. And after being attacked by thieves trying to get the artifact, the widow hires a bare-knuckles kind of detective to find out what the thing is, and what she should do with it. Enter my first book in the Detective Series: The Templar Map.
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