Friday, July 28, 2017


I work hard to produce marketable books. Some produce a trickle of sales. Others float belly up in the fish bowl that is my Amazon Kindle account.

One little book has always been the train that could. I wrote it in two weeks! It is an automotive how-to. Tinkering on old cars relaxes me after writing. So, I turned that hobby to my advantage. I put it to work.

To my great surprise it just kept selling; not a lot, but a steady trickle. My book about 'hillbilly fuel injection' just kept trucking along. I chuckled every time I saw the sales report.

But then sales stopped! What happened? They never stopped before.

Authors, I can't stress this enough: You have to monitor your work. Every once in a while google your title. I did, and to my horror it was listed all over YouTube for free in pdf form.

But I owned the copyright. How could that be? This has been a problem since print was invented. I recently read about Dickens struggle with this issue!

What could I do? I scrolled to the bottom of the YouTube page and found a link for copyright information. There I filled out a form and reported all the pages that were selling my work. It was easy.

Within a couple of days they notified that the sites had been removed. They were easy to work with.

And, days after that the sales of my my little book began again. You have to monitor your work.

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