Thursday, February 9, 2017

In Love--day two!

Find Love. Day two.
I found it painful to hold my thoughts in the positive. At work everyone wants to talk about how terrible the job is, how rude our retail customers are, etc. And usually I contribute my negativity to those conversations.
Part of me really wants to shovel the crude with coworkers. Now I had to change the conversation to a joyful topic. And for that I learned a trick: Just interrupt the person with a compliment. It works. I just jump in with, “wow, what’d you do to your hair?” or, “Dude, have you been working out?”
That flatters the person and they are thrown for a loop. I see a sudden change come over their face, a smile.

Feeling Love ... on Bornholm, Denmark
The practice of just sitting silent in the morning and saying thank you, really feeling it, started making me high. I found a trick for this too. I’m a trickster. First, I begin with a list of things I’m grateful for: my car, wife, heater, fat rescue cat named Dude, and my health. One by one I mention them to the silence.
At first I don’t want to be there, right. But it is mental exercise. And that exercise is just like a physical exercise. My muscles won’t grow unless I lift the weights, or unless I pursue Love. So, to get things rolling of a morning, my hair messed up, not really wanting to do the work of sitting on the pillow and speaking gratitudes, I used this trick: I think about the time in my life when I was crazy in love. I mean ‘walking on air, can’t eat’ in love. Just thinking about it brings back the elation, the joy, the amazing happiness, and that’s what I used to get me into the mindset of doing my gratitudes.
We decide what enters our minds. We are the gatekeepers. What a change it was for me to feel amazingly in love, full of joy and bliss, instead of filling my mind with all the woe and troubles of the world spewing from a radio or the net or television. Those news sources only filled me with fear. Give me Love any time.
Memories arouse Love
Then I realized something life changing. I didn’t need the experience to allow myself Love. I didn’t need to relive being with that beautiful blonde I knew in Paris. Ha! I control my thoughts. I chose, right there, to give that Love and joy and bliss that I had experienced while being with that woman, each morning. All I had to do was imagine it.
Was it really that simple?
It seemed to be. That morning I sat there with tears of joy running down my cheeks.

Yes, I did see a change when I got behind the wheel. One moment I was full of Love, mentally blessing my fellow man. The next moment some driver cut me off and anger erupted out of my mouth. That made me laugh.
I saw the mistake, the habit. I couldn’t control that driver, but I could control how I reacted to him. I had a choice. Ha! I learned another life changing lesson. At every moment I decide how to be, how to react. And I wanted to be in love, to spread that Love. What a responsibility.

Nope, I didn’t reach enlightenment on my second day of love, but I believe I learned some life changing truths.
I was looking forward sitting on my pillow the third morning.

And during the day I felt like a kid in grade school that has a wonderful candy in his pocket that none of the other kids know about. That candy was the memory of Love. During my shift I took it out chose to feel the joy, the bliss and happiness. For eight hours I was walking on clouds. Maybe that was levitation.