Friday, February 3, 2017

How To Make an Ebook

My goal is to make a living with my books. After years of study and practice, that goal is slowly coming into focus.

If you follow my pointers, you too will begin to see an income arriving each month from Amazon.

First of all, let me say: Quality is the key. Get your manuscript edited. Polish the thing until it shines. If you have a poorly written novel, it is poison to your sales.

Another vital aspect for success is the Cover. Study the best sellers. Emulate them. Google premade book covers if you're on a budget. Get an amazing cover. It is your first flirt with readers. Spend what you need to on the cover. Make it professional.

Title is also paramount to sales. You want it to grab the readers, make them pause while scanning other thumbnail cover images on Amazon. That's another clue. Thumbnail size. Design accordingly.

To the right is a sample of a cover, for a soon-to-be-released book, that my designer is still working on. Changes are being made. Often, when working with a cover designer, they require an image they can work, change, add to. I use Dreamstime.

I show this image because it stopped me while I was shopping images for the cover. It made me laugh. It said what I wanted to say in a new, amusing way. If it stops readers long enough to make them read my amazing description ... job well done.

The process of publishing an ebook is a marathon, if you want lasting sales. Prepare for it.

Next: Description. Each of the items I have mentioned are absolutely critical to sales,as is description.
If cover and title are your first flirt, then the description is the cleaver, quick, amusing, exciting first words to a passerby that makes them stop and take another look.

Spend a week on this. Yes! A week. Grab the reader with your words. Amaze them. Hook them. They want to be hooked. They are in the single's bar of the Kindle book store. You got one shot to take them home. Plan your seduction.

If you need to learn all the amazing details and strategies, look up Adam Houge, a best-selling author who teaches an eye-opening online course.

One thing I should mention is that you must have a fairly new Kindle to be an ebook author. You need to see how your book looks to readers, BEFORE it goes out to the world.

Keywords that you fill in on the publication form for Kindle, should be planned and well thought out. There are ebooks devoted to this. Read one. If you want sales after your new release promos are finished, and your book drops off the 'Hot New Release' list on Amazon, you get them via keywords, or you fall into no sales oblivion.

Categories is another part of the kindle form. As stated above, Again, read about them. Spend $0.99 on an ebook covering the subject. If you don't, you are falling off the pace of the other marathon runners. Do it.