Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Skyrocket your Back list Sales!!!!

Would you like to have your dead old books making money again?

I would, and I have a plan that I hope will skyrocket my sales.

The Gamble: I'm going to spend over $1,500 that I barely have on editing, cover, and ads. I may loan money for more ads. I'm all in. I'm rolling the dice.

I have two suspense novels on Amazon, and they've been belly-up for a long time.

I refuse to let them die.

The plan:  I am going to re-release each book. But each will get a rewrite, a new setting, new cover and title.  And then comes tricky part.

The first book I'll be repackaging.
There are eight extremely important aspects to publishing a Kindle book that determine whether it lives or dies. If you want to be read, if you want sales and success, then study each aspect and make it perfect.

Practice them. Take a couple of hours for EACH!  Get it to pop, to snap, and set that hook in the reader. Hook, hook, hook in the description.

The eight aspects are: Key Words, Categories, Title, Cover, Description, Sample, Reviews, and Price.

Follow along on with my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1629761570389866/  I will be itemizing each one of the aspects, and you can laugh at all the mistakes I made along the way.

This is an experiment for me. After months of classes and webinars and books on the subject, I am going to find out if it works. Can I take the book above, now belly-up, rotting in the sea of Amazon, and thump on its chest until a pulse awakens, until sales begin again? Can I turn it into a money-making endeavor? You can watch and learn. Join the group. Drop me a note.