Thursday, December 29, 2016

Three days of LOVE

I've been wanting to try something: Pure love, consciously flowing feelings of love to all I see and think about--for three days. A mental cleanse.

How will it change me? Will it change me?

After a particularly vile presidential election, fear seems to have overtaken me. How better to right my boat than to fill it with love?

Fear is of the imagination. Love is in the here and now, and that is where I want to be, here and now, in the light.

Years of study and reading of Lynn Grabhorn, Maryanne Williamson, Napoleon Hill, Michael Beckwith, The Law of Attraction, and The Course in Miracles, have brought me here. I feel I am at a crossroads. My truth, my road, has to be with love.

How will I do this? By not speaking or thinking negatively. If I do I will try to immediately counter with a visualization of that person or situation being in goodness and fortune. It is easy to say and consider.

But? Can I do it?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kindle Kid's Book Creator

Kindle Kid’s Book Creator—

For authors who are not aware of this new program, Amazon has a new system to help you publish children’s books. It is called Kindle Kid’s Book Creator,

It is designed to make your ebook legible and nicely displayed on all readers. To do this they have added pop-up windows for text. Your image is displayed, and when the reader is given the option to display the pop-up where you have included your text for that page.

This, to my knowledge, greatly improves the reading experience for those viewing it on a mobile device.

I had a children’s book in the unpublished section of Kindle, due to formatting problems. When I learned of KKBC, I pulled it up and decided to publish it with the new program.

I watched several tutorials on YouTube, and read a bunch about it on blogs, with tips, etc.

Then I downloaded the program, after resizing all my images, according to their guidelines. Great!

The program is very simple. So, I was frustrated when I could not make it work.

I consider myself reasonably computer literate. I can format a novel and work with Photoshop. But try as I did, for two frustrating weeks, I could not get the program to accept my text.

I was able to upload all my images as pages for the ebook. And, I loaded each pop-up with text. But, when I clicked SAVE, and checked the pop-ups, several were blank.

I watched more vids about the program, read more articles. I went to Amazon and read their recommendations.

I must have tried to create the book seven times. I typed the text into each pop-up. I copy/pasted it in—several times. Days passed. Two weeks passed. I was consumed.

Finally, I tipped my king. I gave up. I was beaten.

I will say there are certainly many authors out there who have used KKBC with great success. I would love to hear from you.

Note: By writing the above post, I got curious again and could not let the sleeping dog of my failed attempt at KKBC alone. 

I went at it from another angle. I placed my text on a blank page, in a pop-up, for each illustration. That way the viewer can look at the drawing, then go to the corresponding text. 

It worked like a charm, but I wrote the text in size 14 font, and that was a mistake. I will have to upload a new adjusted copy once it goes live. At least #18 so the reader does not have to enlarge the text on their device. Oh well. krh

P.S. One thing I should mention: When I typed in my text I used font size #14, thinking that should be about right when reading on a Kindle. But using that size showed up tiny in the preview. I know that Kindles allow the user to adjust the font size, but, I reasoned most readers will preview the book on the Amazon site as they consider whether to purchase it. If they can't read it, I lost a sale.

So, I bumped up the size to #20. That was too small. I tried #28, and then #36. Both were too small!  At last I settled on #48, just to make the preview legible for would be buyers! That is wrong.