Friday, July 29, 2016

Ebook Cover Evolution ...

I wanted to inject a light-hearted tone to this post, hence the photo of the fiance and I clowning on the Danish island of Bornholm.

I feel the designer and I have nearly reached the end of the rocky road of creating a good cover. At this point there are two images that I can't release. So, I'm having the designer work on both. She loves me. I have worked with her on several projects, and highly recommend her. You can find her on, and she goes by the name 'landofawes.'

 Here is the first finalist (left). The changes I want are to have the Mayan glyph fill the block. I'm also having the blood splatter removed, and the font of the title widened, and it should have the appearance of hammered metal. But again, I have the problem: in thumbnail size, does it convey a feeling, a message?  Is the knife image needed?

The favorite (right) is this image. The knife speaks with a loud voice. I've asked to have the glyphs take on a 3d look, and to have the font, widened, with hammered metal appearance, on this image too.  We have come a long way!  What do readers think? Let me know. Please give opinions, tips, feedback.

A day has passed and my designer has sent the covers with the asked for renditions. And, the winner is the cover with the single glyph. However, I did request a couple of more changes. I thought the font of the title should be larger, wider, and that would entail making 'The' smaller. I also asked for a trickle of blood running over the top of the stone and down the glyph on the left side, with a small light reflection in it. And ... that's all, folks!

*7-31-16   The final draft came in at about midnight, Pacific time. The font of the title has been enlarged a bit, and a blood trickle added. All in all, this image ended up costing me $210.00 for the fiverr designer, including a $38.00 tip, $52.00 to purchase the images from and So, $262 all total. I find that to be a hefty price for a struggling Indy author. Was it worth it? I'll find out in the months to come. The new title did get me away from the New Age type title of Touching Spirits, that kept some readers from committing. This has been another lesson on the rough writing road.

The book is free today and 8-1-16.