Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Being a writer is like being a bar fighter. It is tough. You're going to get bruised and sore. Helping others is what gives me pleasure, so when I find something that worked for me, I share it with fellow writers.

Recently I decided to really work on my book blurb for a novel I put out about a year ago. Don't get me wrong, I've rewritten the blurb probably 40 times, but just couldn't get it right. It felt wrong.

And beyond that, few were buying it. So, I petitioned help on a Facebook group, Blurb Boot Camp. After they tore it to shreds and pointed me in the right direction, I put the book back out.

I had never had more than about 50 downloads on a free day. But the first day I put it back out on Amazon, on a free day, almost 500 customers grabbed it. And it is still going now, the following day!


Presently, Touching Spirits, The Mayan Case, sits in the number three position on Amazon Kindle, for suspense!