Monday, June 6, 2016

Ysted, Sweden--

I wanted to display some of the doors of Ysted. It is not uncommon to see doors that are one hundred, two hundred years old, and more. 

On the amusing side, the Danes and Swedes have been fighting each other, and every country around them, for hundreds of years. So if you're being led around by a local, they usually lead you to a church and show you ax marks on the door, and say, depending whether you're in Denmark or Sweden, something like, "see these ax marks? That's from when the horrible Danes or Swedes attacked in ... sixteen hundred and whatever." 

One Fact that stuck in my mind, being from California, was that the reason for one attack, centuries past, was that the sea froze between the two countries. I thought that was illegal. But the Swedes took advantage of the opportunity and marched to Vordingborg, the capitol of Denmark at the time.

Here are some wonderful doors and houses along the old, winding walking the streets of Ysted. 

* I discovered that in the summer there is a man in the church who climbs the clock tower every hour from eight pm to midnight, every night, and rings the bell, signalling that all is well. This tradition dates back centuries, to when it was a signal that all was well.