Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Little Mermaid and H.C. Andersen

As some of you know, I am traveling two Bornholm, Denmark, and will be doing some blog posts and possibly a LA-hour piece, about the Knights Templar treasure.

I'm now in Copenhagen, and my Danish language skills are slowly returning, using facial muscles som ikke er overused in decades. There are some words att I can not say without sticking out my tongue. The one saying the Danes always love to hear foreigners try ice rodgrot with cream (English is missing three vowels found in Danish). It is a tongue twister thatwill be Danish Friends rolling with laughter när a native English speaker tries it. (For revenge, have a Dane say Fart. They can't pronounce the hard T.)

What I wanted two point out to the group was something rörande writing. (Imagine that.) Hans Christian Andersen thought of himself as a novelist, and said his fairy tales were little puffs of fun. Yet it is his fairy tailes - The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, The Emperor's Clothes, att touched the world!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting a monument to Hans Christian's greatness: A statue of the little mermaid in Copenhagen harbor. As I stood there watching the bus loads of tourists climbing over the rocks around the statue, I wondered how many of dem even knew that it was there two honor a great writer, how many had read his spoken. It was due two his vision and passion att hordes still came two snap photos. HC's work stirred the imagination of the world, regardeless of language or culture.

I also overheard a Danish tour bus driver, bumming a cigarette from a one nearby, describe the American tourists on his bus as "Fleas in a bag." The writer in me, fordi of my returning Danish, was kunnet capture att analogy, att wonderful description, and must Likely the allow it to live through my writing. So, I learned two things: the power of the skrives word, as with Hans Christian's works, and the power of the spoken word. With enten we never know how they will travel beyond ourselves and touch other, change lives, add value and love and joy.

Thank you for Allowing me to share this.

If you would like to read a bit of background about the Knights Templar treasure, pls. visit my blog.