Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bornholm, Denmark, and Templar Treasure

Some of you know that during a recent trip to Sweden and the Danish island of Bornholm, I thought it would be fun to look at several round churches built by the Knights Templar, on the island. This book aroused my curiosity. How fun it would be to incorporate a light-hearted mystery into our trip, right?

I mean who hadn't seen the film National Treasure, with N.Cage? Well, what most viewers don't realize is that that treasure in the film is believed by many historians to exist--today!

And, to give the mystery a literary flavor, it was a book by Henry Lincoln, Holy Blood/Holy Grail, that was the inspiration, the plot, of Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code! Just do a youtube search of Henry Lincoln's documentaries for the BBC.

But what happened to our light-hearted mystery? It is getting bogged down in a thick history, all tied together with a Mary Magdalene, the Templars discovering something in Jerusalem that the Pope paid dearly to keep silent, and a chapel in the south of France. This was not something to just throw out to the net lightly. It required research, and that is where I am now, sorting through the ... internet pap, library books, and youtube film, trying to boil it down to a nice article.

We did visit the round Templar churches, but I could not get my son nor fiance to break in at night and hammer through the floor of a single chapel. The nerve. What are vacations for?

Instead, we visited a village called 'God's Home,' (I mean how could you not?), drank the beer, and laughed along ambling country roads, where centuries before the Templar had taken extreme care to build their churches with such exacting locations that the geometry is startling.

Then I found the proof of a Templar visit. In the St. Maria church in Ysted, Sweden, which had been Danish at the time the Templar were here, I found, hanging on the wall, two candle holders with Masonic and Templar symbols.

I had to have them! They would have looked bad ass hanging on the wall above my writing desk, all polished and shiny. But the fiance would not even stand in position to block the one security camera so I could slip away with them. All she had to do was just stand there! All my talents were wasted. Now, the best I can do is hang a stupid photo of the candle holders that got away above my desk.