Sunday, June 5, 2016

From Sweden--

 We left Copenhagen and took the train to Ysted, Sweden, which is just north of Bornholm, the Danish island with the Templar churches. We were surprised to find that our hotel, Hotel Continental du Sud, is the oldest Hotel in Sweden, with records showing royal guests as early as 1829. It is a gem that could be used to film the Great Gatsby.

We had some time to kill and walked around this beautiful town of old churches and flower filled squares where children run and stand enthralled by fountains. I was so taken by the town that I began snapping photos of the old doors I came across, some on buildings displaying dates from centuries past. To my amazement one old building had a plaque that stated the building dated to fifteen hundred something. That was the oldest I had seen.
Decades ago she was

 The reason I am posting this is to mention the Templar symbols, and Masonic symbols, found in St. Maria's Church. I was in the church just to look about when I came across the copper candle holders on the wall. I was surprised to see the Templar cross, and then the Masonic eye.

At the time the Templar came to Bornholm, this part of Sweden, along with much of Norway, were ruled by Denmark. Ysted, where the church is, where the candle holders hang, would have been the closest land to Bornholm, and, I would imagine, many goods came from here. 

Notice the Templar cross.
 I wanted to add this mention of a great man's passing, to show how it flashed around the world.
 And on this candle holder is the Masonic eye, just like the one on the American one dollar bill.