Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Knights Templar Buried Treasure on A Danish Island

Is there buried treasure on Bornholm, a Danish Island, that lies off the southern tip of Sweden? I came across this book while doing research for trip to the island. I was amazed to discover a link to the Knights Templar. (If you saw the film National Treasure, with Nicolas Cage, you should know that it was THIS treasure he was searching for.)

I loved the book because of my coming trip. What better way to spice up a visit to a distant island than by imagining piles of gold, and possibly, the Ark of the Covenant, being discovered by myself, the soon to be famous adventurer and author. I could live with that.

The book is a great read because of a delicious detail: In 1985-86 nearly 3,000 gold statues, traced to the French kings who founded the Templar order, were dug up on Bornholm. Also, it is a fact that the precise location of the Templar churches, on the island, form a geometric star, the symbol of the Templar taken from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and found in the design of other Templar churches in Europe. The author hints that the star, formed by the position of the churches, may reveal the location of the treasure.

The author sites many examples of recorded history, linking the Knights Templar to Bornholm, making my coming trip and blog posts all the sweeter.

It is a fascinating book, about a tremendous legend based in fact. Whether the treasure exists or not, it is thrilling to think it may be real. If you think the knights Templar ancient history, remember that it is because of them we believe Friday the 13th is unlucky. For it was on that fateful day the king of France sent his assassins and slaughtered many of the Templar. Many more were imprisoned and tortured. That is why we, to this day, we believe Friday the 13th unlucky.

What we don't know for certain, is whether some of the Templar escaped with a vast treasure. It is an excellent read for those with the historic mystery bug. Now I have to figure out how to get a shovel through customs and into Denmark.

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*Here is a good source of information about the book and the Templar: