Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Expand your Titles List--Easily!

Okay, I confess. I have an automotive habit. I love to tinker. It helps me unwind after hours in the writing realm. I own a 1975 Ford truck that is possessed, and it keeps me quite busy. For a short while I wrote some articles for national car mag.

Between fiction projects I decided to write a short non fiction book. And you can do the same about something you know and love. It took me about two weeks to write and organize the photos I had. I had it formatted on fiverr for $30 (for info on how to deal with fiverr, and what to expect, and how to avoid hassles, see my blog post on the subject), and now I'm selling ecopies on Amazon and hard copies alike. No, it doesn't sell like gangbusters. It is a small niche market, for a carburetor that was last made in 1979. But it has become my 'little train that could.' It just keeps trucking.

Every month I make about $20 from royalties. It sold a copy in France too. For me it was an easy way to build up my title list, and I have others planned.

Pick a subject you know a lot about, and plan a small non fiction book. 

Promo Status

Dude on my new Writer's Digest.
I have found out that sitting and staring at the Amazon sales report page, constantly checking sites where I could advertise, makes me crazy.

While the promos were going on I rescued a 10 year-old surfer cat, raised in Huntington Harbor, named Dude. Every time I enter the hall this cat, a twenty pound manx without a tail, slips and slides on the hard wood floor, and runs for his life as though I might eat him. Dude, I have noticed, is also cross eyed, and has an extra toe on each paw. Without a doubt, he is quite the dude.

Anyway, the promos!  Now my ad on goodreads has been viewed by more than 1,000 people without one sorry click. I stop to cry. But be of good cheer. The book giveaway has kicked in and there has been movement on the site. Seventy-six people have registered for a free book. Is the Artic ice melting?

Update: There is an excellent article on Digital Book Today outlining the steps required to maximize your sales using the KDP giveaway days. World Literary Cafe adds more insight with their bit about the subject. I am going to try their system next week on Wednesday, and will certainly post the results. The last time I tried the KDP giveaway 10k copies of my first suspense novel went out in two days. It was quite exciting. Alas, yes! I want to see that result for copies sold!

If any reader has tips to ad or to help with the KDP giveaway, please let me know. This blog is for you. Kevin.

Here I choose to hold my tongue (fingers) about the distance from hand to wallet being the greatest anywhere.

Beyond that, 26 people have added my book to their 'to read' list on goodreads. Bless their souls. I wouldn't want them to do anything bold like rush out and actually buy a copy.  But that is okay. I knew what the site was about, and accept it.

It is my belief that if the book is well written, makes readers sad to finish it, then it will grow in sales due to word of mouth. I shall see.

Now I wait to see what will happen with the Free Kindle Books and Tips ad out on Oct. 18, where I will be dropping the price from $3.99 to $1.99. The cost for the ad was $25.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tell me Why the hell not

Had a great day away from the writing. While driving home with the fiance I wondered, 'Why can't I place a gold star on the cover of my book, in which it says something like: The best adventure novel of the year?  Please tell me.

I remember on the cover of Bridges of Madison County, it said something like: "A librarian said this is the best first novel she has read." Well who was she? Did she actually exist? Or, was the author simply placing the idea of the book's quality into the potential reader's mind?

In James Scott Bell's book about ebook marketing he mentions an author of ebooks who was disgraced for paying for reviews. THE AUTHOR SOLD MORE THAN A MILLION COPIES!! I'll bet he is so sad on his island.

In the digital marketing class I took the instructor mentioned repeatedly to be bold, think outside the box.

If I write something like that on my cover am I violating some ethical writing law?  Or, is it good marketing?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Book Promos #3

This is a rushed update that I will come back to later today when I have time and edit.

The ad I paid $50 for on Goodreads, which is a mega site with mega traffic, turned out to be a dud. You are charged $.50 per click. Their stats show an average of 1 click per 50 views. Really? To date, I have had over 400 views with zero clicks. It is enough to make me insecure. I have rethought my cover, title, and blurb. I have rewritten the blurb 6-8 times, searching for the magic one.

Update: I have gotten 699 views on goodreads and not a single click. After poking around the net I
found the same experience related by a couple of other writers. Both said the goodreads ad was a waste of time. One writer mentioned the same thing about the ad she placed on Amazon, also a pay-per-click ad. I was so surprised to read she got 20,000 views, no clicks, zip, nada, zilch!

The Kboards ad was a dud as well. I sold three books from the two Kboards ads and the awesomegang ad. Those cost me $75. Three books sold.

The one ad that did something was a $50 ad from Bargain Booksy. As soon as that ad went live I saw the reaction on Amazon. It did not sell crazy wildly, but 10 copies went out in that one day.

The next one scheduled to kick in is the goodreads giveaway. It is free, and members register to win a free hard copy. They say an average of 600 members sign up for a giveaway. We shall see if the numbers are skewed. It begins on the 14th, Wednesday.

 Cheers. I will post more later today.

Update 2: I have decided to let the ad run on goodreads during my book give-away, and then to inquire about cancelling it. 

My goal for these promotions was only to sell 100 books. Even before publication I have thought that if I sold 100 copies that would be a good foundation, a seed of readers to begin with. I believe that if that many read the book they will tell others and slowly the book will begin to sell. 

As I have researched online I found a couple of articles that have made me rethink the kindle giveaway program. Here they are:

I found both very helpful and informative.

Promos to come: At this point I still have a few promos scheduled. The first will take place on 10-18. It is with Free Kindle Books and Tips. I paid $25 for this ad, and it will run for one day.

10-28, with Digital Books Today. The cost was $30, and the ad will run through November 10th.

And the final promo of the year will take place with a British site, Indie Book Promo. I checked the site's traffic volume, and the look of the site, and was impressed. They also offer quite a value for $50, keeping a nice ad up for 2 months, right at Christmas time, so I went for it. I shall see what happens.