Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tell me Why the hell not

Had a great day away from the writing. While driving home with the fiance I wondered, 'Why can't I place a gold star on the cover of my book, in which it says something like: The best adventure novel of the year?  Please tell me.

I remember on the cover of Bridges of Madison County, it said something like: "A librarian said this is the best first novel she has read." Well who was she? Did she actually exist? Or, was the author simply placing the idea of the book's quality into the potential reader's mind?

In James Scott Bell's book about ebook marketing he mentions an author of ebooks who was disgraced for paying for reviews. THE AUTHOR SOLD MORE THAN A MILLION COPIES!! I'll bet he is so sad on his island.

In the digital marketing class I took the instructor mentioned repeatedly to be bold, think outside the box.

If I write something like that on my cover am I violating some ethical writing law?  Or, is it good marketing?