Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ebook promos follow up

My first promos came from Kboards and the awesomegang. I thought surely I'd get a good response, but alas, I sold three books. Yes, at $.99! Ouch. That is not much return on investment. I thought I'd sell 30-40 books.

Well, the Kboards new book promo cost $15, and the awesomegang was $10.

My goal is to sell one hundred books. I consider that a foundation. From there the book has to produce its own sales via word of mouth, or it will die. If it is good it will rise and sell.

So, where do I go from here? On October 8th I'll be a featured author on Kboards. This promo cost $50.

On October 9th my book will be featured on Bargain Booksy. Again, this promo cost $50.  I expect a good response from these two sites. They both register a high volume of traffic. I will see.

Another important step I have taken is to produce hard copy editions on CreateSpace, and make them available to the public on Goodreads. (I remembered the Writer's Digest article about getting in good with goodreads.)

 Not only have I organized a book giveaway through the site, but I also paid for a graphic ad.  According to GR, on average 600 readers register for their giveaways. I placed 10 autographed books in the giveaway, and I will both purchase the copies from CreateSpace, and pay for the shipping to the winners. The ad cost $50.

The goodreads ad begins October 8th, while the giveaway begins on the 14th, and runs for one month.

I have a couple other promos in the works, but I'm going to end this here as one segment. That way I'll be able to keep all appraised of the results.

Now all I can do is wait.