Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ebook Promo Update

So far I have been promoting on Kindle and ebook sites for just over two weeks. I have spent $200 and how gathered a good understanding of which sites paid off and which did not.

Sites that worked:
1. Bargain Booksy. I paid $50 for a nice ad. They did a nice write up too. The moment it went live I saw a boost in sales.

2. The other ad that produced was on Free Kindle Books and Tips. I am writing this at 11:39 am, Pacific time, and this ad has already produced sales equal to Bargain Booksy. Also, this ad cost 50% what I paid at Bargain Booksy! 

The dud sites: 

1. I placed two ads with Kboards. One was in their 'new and overlooked books' blog, for $15. The other ad cost $50. The two ads produced 3 sales.
   In all due fairness, I suspect this site is one the author needs to daily build a presence, a following.

2. The awesomegang. Yes, I only paid $10, but this 'ad' ran the same day of the $50 Kboards ad, and so maybe it helped with those 3 sales.

3. This next one is confusing. Because of the massive amount of traffic on goodreads I bought an ad. I paid $50 and they showed me all the mega data about traffic and sales, etc. But I should have done more research. All the blogs I have since read stated what I have since learned: The goodreads ads are like those on Amazon: you pay per click, and you get no clicks.

In advance I forked out $50. My ad has since been seen by 1700+ readers without one click! But ... my ad has been seen by 1700+ readers. It took me quite a while to grasp this. It is exposure. The rate I am going that ad will remain there into the next century.

Also, I have noticed that 47 site members have added my book to their 'to read' lists. The ice is melting. So make up your own mind on this. For me, I am not happy, but rather accepting that I am slowly flirting with the readers, like the good looking woman I daily see in starbucks. It is not a the approach used in a Friday night club after a few drinks like the other ads, delivered to readers looking to score. I am cultivating my readers--I hope.

One other thing: I arranged for a free book giveaway on goodreads. It is free, other than the hardcopies and postage I will pay for to those who win. Goodreads takes care of the whole thing, but I set up the duration (1 month), and the number of free hard copies (10). What has happened? The giveaway began on October 14, and I have had 115 members of that site register. My name, my book, has come to the attention of 115 members, plus the 47 other members who added the book to their to read lists.

At this point I'm not thinking about ROI. I am just trying to get the book in the hands of readers. I know that if I can get 100 people to read it it will build a following, an increase in sales though word of mouth. I know it.

My next step? I am going to use the extremely good info on Digital Book Today and World Literary Cafe, and use it to orchestrate a KDP book giveaway, in conjunction with several ebook site ads, layering, as they call it, to maximize sales. I shall report on it. kevin.