Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ebook Ads Update

To date I've paid $150 for ads that have run with Kboards (2 ads @ $15 and $50), awesomegang ($10), Bargain Booksy ($50), and Free Kindle Books and Tips. Of those the last two only produced sales.

Sales are low but I'm not thinking about money or ROI. It is my belief that once I get out about 100 books that will serve as a foundation, a core of readers who will begin to promote the book via word of mouth, the greatest form of advertising on the planet. I shall see if my belief proves out.

Goodreads: I should mention goodreads in with the mix too. On October 14 my pay per click ad with them began. At the beginning I thought this ad a waste of time. I got hundreds (now over 3k) views without a single click!

But slowly my belief about the ad changed. I noticed that members were adding my book to their 'to read' list (now 52). Since I am simultaneously running a free book giveaway, which cost me nothing other than the cost of the book and postage, I've noticed that over 120 have signed up for a chance to win a free copy. It is movement. The ice is melting.

How I've come to view my ad on goodreads is this: I paid $50 to have the ad placed. Over 3k readers have seen it and not a penny has been taken from the $50 fee. At this rate the $50 will give me an ad on goodreads, the site with the most traffic, for life!  As members begin to read my work others will see their reviews, and what they are reading. Again, the writing, the book, must sell itself.

Bottom line: An ad on goodreads is a long term investment.

Next?  The second wave of ads. On October 29 my book, Touching Spirits, will be free on Amazon
New detail added to cover--the hand!
KDP for one day. I have seen the power of this promotion. A few years ago one of my books was offered and 10k copies were given away in one weekend! 

I want to maximize the promo by getting the book listed on sites where readers are looking for free and bargain books. I chose Thursday for the give-away because that is not a prime sales day as is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Build-up: To direct traffic to the book I listed it at Every Writer's Resource for $10. After shaving my book description down to 1-3 sentences for other sites, this one wanted not less than 300 words.  It should begin Wednesday.

On that fateful Wednesday begins another promo with Digital Books Today for $30.  What is nice is that this ad/promo runs for two weeks!  

Was I content to stop there? you ask. Not quite. The following day, when the free book promo kicks in, Thursday, October 29th, I have scheduled two more promos!

The first is with Free Books Daily for $3.00. How could I pass it up with such a low cost? 

The final promo/ad in the month of October, also kicking off on free-for-all Thursday the 29th of October, is with Good Kindles for $20.  This site also asked for about 300 words of book description, as well as a lengthy bio. I believe this ad will run for a month, and during that time I can once request that my title be moved to the top of the list.

That leaves the month of November without promos after the 10th. I'm hoping that by then the effects
of the free promo on KDP will result in rising sales and carry through this month until my promos in UK kick in. (Should I mention in my Amazon UK author bio that I was deported from Heathrow airport?) Anyway, 'having done all' I rest.