Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Touching Spirits--Blurb for new book.

    This book took three years to write.I set it in a Mayan village 
I lived in. Notice the candle in the photo needs viagra. That 
was Yucatan in the summer. It was the time of my life, spear 
fishing for meat. The experience was priceless. 

                            Book Blurb for Touching Spirits.
     I'll be publishing under the pen name Charles Madrid.

     Every cop straddles the chasm between love and violence. At some point each must decide where they stand.
     Police Sergeant Cody Brannon, the one American on the Amsterdam force, is stunned when something unseen grabs his arm each night. To make matters worse, he finds men stalking him along dark streets. It’s almost too much to cope with when his wife leaves him.
     After a shooting Cody is forced to take a medical leave. He has to find out what grabs him at night, and flies to California to get answers from the family oracle, his freaky grandmother.
     Soon the men arrive and Cody must lead them away from the old woman he loves.
     He finds a house with a palm leaf roof, a frog residing in the toilet tank, and waits for the men hunting him. In this village beside the Caribbean, strange Mayas sit outside his house at night.
     With the department shrink guiding him via Skype, a stray cat bringing love into his life, along with the beautiful Clarissa, and oddball neighbors offering friendship, Cody begins to see a new path.
     When the men close in it is Cody’s time to choose where to stand.