Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Ebook Promotion Route

This photo was taken when I lived in Yucatan. That is where I set my new novel, Touching Spirits. I didn't know what I had then, spear fishing daily for meat, fish swimming around me, moray eels trying to steal my bag of fish. It was adventure, raw, life cracked open.

Flash forward many years. I spent three years writing this novel and don't want it simply fade away as my time in Yucatan did. Yes, it is on Kindle, but I need to prime the pump to let people know about it. If no one has heard any thing about it, no one will buy it. After all, John Grisham took a load of his his book and hit the road on his own. Wayne Dyer did the same.

The route I took was slightly different: I chose digital marketing. I selected several book sites to promote on, and am now waiting (while blogging, tweeting, posting). Since it is a new book, and I'm still a new comer, despite having several books out, many sites won't allow my business. I have to have a certain number of positive reviews. So I searched.

A site called kboards dot com has a discovery program for new authors. It cost only $15, and I'll be listed in their blog post on October 2, at 4pm, Pacific time. What a deal.

The following days, October 3 and 4, my book will be listed on a site called awesomegang dot com. That cost me a mere $10.

I also booked days on Bargain Booksy and Digital Books Today. Bargain Booksy cost me $50 for one day, but they are a large site with a lot of traffic, so I wanted to try them and see what type of response I would get. The latter, Digital Books Today, was a bargain. I paid $30 for 14 days' exposure. Talk about value.  For both of these promo's I raise the price to $1.99 for the book.

I should also mention In a few days I will have hard copies available for sale, and will be offering a book giveaway on goodreads, most likely 10 free books.

I will be monitoring the results of each promo and will keep readers informed. I hope this will help other writers. Kevin R. Hill