Thursday, August 6, 2015


I have not posted recently because I am in the midst of the final rewrite of my latest novel, Touching Spirits. While working on the manuscript I realized there were a few areas that bothered me. I thought them author intrusions, where I wrote, possibly, out of the narrators voice.

On final look I realized I was holding on to them because I thought the writing exceptional. They were my 'darlings.' It was exactly what the master, William Faulkner, meant when he said: ' In writing, you must kill all your darlings.'

If it slows you down to admire it, or gives you an odd feeling when you read it, or you think it exceptionally written, chances are it is a 'darling.' And chances are it will slow the reader, pull them out of the fictive realm you created, out of the flow of your prose. Your best, where you raised the bar, may be a hindrance to the reader.  You want your work to be effortless to read.

Keep up the good work. Kevin R. Hill