Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fiction's Forbidden Words!

I'm pissed. I had a great scene that I thought extraordinary, ground breaking. But then I realized I could not use the forbidden words of fiction: God or Jesus.

I was told by an editor that I'd lose 50% of my readers at those words. That is certainly not to be taken lightly. There simply are, she explained, loads of beliefs and emotions that readers attach to those words.

She mentioned the book, The Secret, which is arguably fiction. Never does the author mention the G word.

So what does an author do? You have to devise a different way to say the same thing. The use of 'love' is popular, or 'the universe,' or 'the light.' They allow an author to get across an idea without forming a blockage to fictive flow by dragging in memories of being forced to attend church, or of getting your knuckles whacked by wonderful nuns.

I continually remind myself that I am an entertainer. I will do anything to keep my reader in the fictive flow, free of outside interruptions. And if I choose to use one of those words the readers mind is pulled out of that flow. I can't risk it. So hopefully, by showing a situation with scene choice, etc., I can get my point across without using one of those words.