Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I want to write a bit about covers for ebooks, and ask readers for help as well.  I started with this cover:

but thought it too vague. (I also began with the title, The Mayan Secret, but found Clive Cussler has that one.) I didn't think the reader could peg the book with a glance. Is it about aliens or ghosts or what? 

This image I purchased on Dreamstime and sent it to a designer on fiverr for the title and to have my name added. Because it didn't grab me and say immediately what type of book it is, or because I thought the title/image combo didn't work, I decided to take another approach.

I bought a ready made cover from Damonza dot com for $175. It is completely different, and loosely fits the book.

With the second cover it is immediately clear the book is action, that something has happened, that a new dawn is emerging, and that it is a love story. Which cover do you prefer, and why?

As a writer the image can't reveal an entire book, can't convey all I hope to show the reader. I believe that one has to trust a professional and let the book go. Ultimately the writing, the story, the writer's skill, has to sell the book.

I guess that still there is part of me searching for an image that will tell the reader of the spiritual transformation the hero experiences, the love that changes his world, his life, and allows him to share his heart. Where do I find that image?

Thank you for your time and help. Kevin R. Hill