Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Book Blues!!!

This is a post concerning the woes of releasing a new book. I'm about to release Touching Spirits.  Can a cop find love and enlightenment in an abandoned house beside the Caribbean with a frog named Ralph living in the toilet? Can he discover why he is being followed, and who is killing people in the jungle around his village?

Letting go of this book is difficult.  I have worked on it daily for three years and now it is going into the world without my protection. It is making a life of its own. I can't defend it against nasty reviewers. Ultimately, a writer creates a product and has to let it go. But the closer it is to his/her heart, the more intimate the relationship the writer has with the material.

In the blog you will find a post with the title of Caribbean House. That is where the majority of the novel is set. Touching Spirits allowed me to revisit a wonderful village on the Yucatan peninsula that I love. In the book I share that special, simple place with the world, and hope readers love it as I do.

I originally wanted the title The Mayan Secret, but found Clive Cussler had a book out with almost the same title. 

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