Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This is such a short piece that I thought I'd post it to my blog.  I hope you enjoy it.  Like it or hate it, please leave me a comment.  Kevin R. Hill


     Holley was excited about the party tonightShe stopped kneading dough and stepped through the side door into the yard, feeling the winter sunshine on her arms and face, and hurried along beside the old fence to her herb garden.  Hours before the guests arrived her thoughts were already carried away with all the fun the night might bring, the laughter, the costumes, the jokes, the subtle flirting with Ron, her husband’s boss, and the look on her guest’s faces when they tasted her pastries. 
    With a knife in one hand, Holley wiped butter from the handle onto her apron and bent over to gather some oregano.  That was when she heard the voices.  The neighbor was sitting on their patio beside the fence, discussing the bible and their beliefs.  She felt out of place and embarrassed to be listening.  Denise had been to a couple of parties, but Holley suddenly realized how little she knew about her new neighbor.
     For a few moments Holley did not move.  The people on the other side of the fence were praying!  Some people still believed such things.  How different it was from her beliefs, so old-fashioned. 
     She sliced through the young stalks and walked back to the kitchen, thinking:  Poor Denise.  That is just so different.  I’m going to have to keep her at a distance.  She’s not our kind of person.